The Story of Peekaboo Bunny

It’s the week after Christmas and everywhere there are toys that talk! Whether your child received a Furby or an Angry Birds stuffed animal with Sound, you are probably going to appreciate this story. When my son was a baby, he and his Nonna spent many hours together. The story of Peekaboo Bunny began on one of their many day trips. They would often spend time together just walking through toy stores and letting him look and interact with the noisy toys. One particular toy caught his attention. A plush bunny that would say “peekaboo, I see you” when you squeezed its belly.

The Story of Peekaboo Bunny

My mom decided that since he had loved it so much in the store, it would be a perfect gift for his first birthday.

He was so excited and loved that little bunny. We would hear “Peekaboo, I see you!” at all times of the day. Then the problem started. The bunny was only supposed to talk when you pressed his tummy. But something happened and Peekaboo Bunny began to talk when no-one was near. We would hear him talk in the middle of the night from the side of the room while my son was sleeping in his crib.

Eventually, the problem escalated so that Peekaboo Bunny ended up sleeping in the utility room during the night so he wouldn’t wake up my son.

When my son went to spend the night at Nonna’s house, Peekaboo bunny went too. However, when I picked up my son, I conveniently forgot to get the bunny. My parents happily returned him at our next visit. They didn’t like the random “peekaboo, I see you” talking either.

One night in desperation, I took the bunny and stuffed him in the back of our closet, closed the door and figured I was done with Peekaboo Bunny for a while.

My husband worked late night hours and would get home in the wee hours of the morning. At that time, we were living in an apartment complex with some questionable neighbors above us. When my husband got home, the upstairs neighbors were in the middle of a very loud, drunken brawl. My husband was understandably a little tense and concerned for the safety of his wife and baby boy. We listened to the fight and hoped for a resolution soon that didn’t involve the police or an ambulance.

As he stepped into the closet to change clothes, he was greeted with a voice that said “Peekaboo, I see you!”. That was the last time Peekaboo Bunny ever spoke. That very night, I took my handy seam ripper, needle and thread and removed that bunny’s voice box. My son loved the bunny for many more years, but we never had to hear “peekaboo, I see you!”

I still get teased about the heartless act of removing that bunny’s voice, but after that last random voice message, I am never sorry.

Have you ever taken steps to keep a toy from talking? I’d love to hear that I’m not alone!

We no longer have peekaboo bunny. Somewhere over the past 10 years, the bunny has moved to another home. But this is definitely a family favorite story. I did a search and found the top image on ebay where you can still buy the peekaboo bunny!

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  1. Dora the explorer programable doll is what my daughter got for her 3rd birthday….we loved her we programmed her to say her name her fave toys her fave snack bedtime nap good morning u name it she said it and she worked for a very long I time that is until her batteries ran down and she would say random things in the middle of the night one time I remember waking up from a deep sleep groggy and hearing a females voice saying my daughters name through the baby monitor! Scared me so bad I thought someone had came thru the back door and was in her room….flying in her room I found her fast asleep and then I realized it was the dora lol buried deep underneath all the toys……lets just say she didn’t talk for a very long time after that…… My sister bought my nephew a Barney that talked and sang his song…like Sony good mother she made sure he had batteries and wrapped him up and put him under the tree…few nights later they were all sitting watching tv when good ole Barney started signing…I love you you love me were a happy family………..we all busted out laughing and she had to give her 2 year old an early gift cause he wouldn’t stop sining!

  2. Love it! We used to have the fur real horse, which to only makes a sound, but moves. Freaked us out a bit a few times!

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