5 Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter

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Do you ever feel like you are juggling all the time? Between laundry, kids activities, dusting, blogging, working as a social media brand promoter, getting involved in church activities and volunteering at the school, sometimes life is just way to busy to think about being healthy. But then you get a wake up call! You hear about a friend or family member who was hospitalized for high blood pressure, got diagnosed with cancer or has a health issue and all of a sudden you realize that if you don’t take care of YOU, then who will take care of your family? Suddenly, it become a priority to take care of yourself and stay healthy. Here are 5 tips for staying healthy this winter.


5 Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter

I have never been a true athlete. I’ve never run a 5K, been really involved in organized sports or aspired to be the coach for little league. But I have always loved being active. We love to get out and hike as a family and when the weather is decent, you’ll find me most days outside working in the yard or planting new flowers. But as life gets busy, it’s easy to put our health on the back burner and spend more time taking care of the ‘important’ things rather than focusing on our health.

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Drink More Water

This is one area that I feel like I am really doing great. I typically pour myself a cup of ice water at the beginning of the day, add in a slice or two of lemon and then keep the glass refilled all day. When I drink water, I usually remember to make better food choices that day as well.


Get Moving

Since I work from home, I often find myself sitting at the computer alot of the day. I found a solution that really does help me get moving even when I am working on the computer. I bought a SurfShelf Treadmill Desk treadmill desk from Amazon that lets me put my computer on the treadmill and walk while I work. If you can’t walk and work, then find another way to get moving throughout the day. Walk the dog. Take the kids out for a bike ride. Go for a hike in the snow. You don’t have to be at high intensity work out to get the health benefits of moving.

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Keep the Lights On

Let’s face it – when the winter gets into full swing and it starts to get dark at 4:45, it’s hard to be motivated to get up and move. It’s so much easier to curl up on the couch and just veg out. But a tip for staying healthy is to turn the lights on and keep your surroundings cheery and bright. Turn on an extra light. Maybe you even need to invest in a sun light that will help you stay motivated.

Stock up on Smart Choices

When I’m on a roll working hard, I don’t take time to fix lunch or healthy snacks. I typically just skip lunch or grab whatever snack bar or left overs are in the refrigerator. But if I stock up on healthy protein bars or shakes, then I will get the health components I need. I just discovered some new V8 Protein Bars that are a great alternative to junk snacks. These V8 snack bars are full of the ‘good-for-you’ ingredients that I need to fuel my day. Ingredients like Milk, Soy, Pea, Brown Rice, Quinoa. Veggies from Sweet Potatoes and Carrots and sweeteners like Honey, Brown Rice Syrup and Sugar are definitely better choices for me to stay healthy!

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While I was at Walmart this past weekend, I saw the V8 protein bars over in the Pharmacy/Beauty aisles next to the other nutritional snacks and shakes. V8 also has a brand new line of shakes that will be perfect for a quick mid morning pick me up!

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These bars and shakes are the “little indulgence you’ll need everyday” without any of the guilt!

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Wear Clothes that Fit

If you get in the habit of wearing baggy sweats and hoodies, it will be easier to overeat and not make healthy choices. My Mom and I are both in the ‘get healthy’ frame of mind and often remind each other to wear clothes that actually fit your frame. If you lose 20 pounds, then you will need to buy new clothes. Not only does this mentally remind you to make healthier choices, but it looks better too! When you feel good about YOU, you will take better care of your personal health!

How do you juggle a busy lifestyle and make healthy choices? Do you work in time for exercise? Do you drink plenty of water? I’d love to hear how you are working to balance and maintain your personal health!

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