Starting African Violets


I think African Violets are really pretty, but I have a horrible history with indoor plants. They always die! I have been able to successfully kill English Ivy, Vines, peace plants and many other indoor plants. (In my defense, anything that grows outside usually does awesome!)

But this past weekend I was admiring my Mother-In-Laws African Violets. She offered to help me grow my own African Violets. Hmmmm….. I’m game to try!

Here’s the process of starting African Violets from a leaf:

Pinch off a leaf from a healthy plant. Make sure you pick the larger leaf that has a long stem.

Wet the end of the stem and dip in a rooting compound. (She already had the African Violet rooting compound, so I just used that.)

Apparently African Violets need to be watered from the bottom. So I borrowed a special pot that you fill from the bottom. Another lady who grows Violets places the leaves in a styrofoam cup and uses a mister to mist the dirt. I was told to make sure I didn’t get the leaves wet when I watered.

When to water
I am supposed to refill the water only when the bottom of the special pot is dry. I guess if the violets get too much water, they won’t grow.

Now I wait….and watch for the leaves to start growing! I’ll keep you posted on my process.

Do you grow African Violets? Any special tips I need to know? I’d love to hear your experiences and see pictures of your indoor plants!

Disclosure: The first picture is not my African Violets. That picture is strictly for inspiration. The picture is my Mother-in-laws! My Violets are the second picture!

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  1. Jade???? That would be awesome. I don’t have a clue what a jade plant is but I’d love to try that too. Please do send a picture of your african violet! You can email it to me or post it on the facebook page.

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