Stamping It Up Christmas Cards

This last week I got my first introduction to making Christmas cards – Stamping it Up style. My friend Kayelynn brought over her bag of supplies and helped me make my first cards. I quickly realized that making Christmas cards is not for the faint of heart.

Stamping it Up Christmas Cards

Here’s a few things I learned from my first Card Making Day:

1. Make sure you have a good chunk of time set aside for making cards. Inspiration comes and goes in waves. You can’t expect to sit down for 30 minutes and turn out a stack of cards. The first few minutes were a little overwhelming. There are so many tools and specialized supplies that you need to allow plenty of time to experiment and create.

2. Get some inspiration from others. Don’t be afraid to copy others great cards. Kayelynn told me that she always keeps the Christmas cards that other people send her. This way you can get ideas for your next creation. Need some online ideas? Here are some sample Christmas Cards. Some card makers meet on a regular basis and have Card Parties where they can share supplies and ideas while talking and eating snacks.

3. Save all your scraps When you trim pieces of paper for your cards, save the excess scraps. Those scraps can be turned into embellishments or decoration pieces for you future cards.

Do you make Cards? I’d love to hear your tips and see your favorite creations!

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