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Springbok Puzzles for Family Fun


My kids enjoy working puzzles. When they were toddlers, we stocked up on the chunky wooden puzzles. Then we moved to board puzzles, 24 piece floor puzzles and on to larger puzzles. Now we’re ready to move to puzzles that the whole family can enjoy. Springbok Puzzles are a great option for familly fun!

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Springbok Puzzles for Family Fun

These Family Format puzzles from Springbok Puzzles are designed for varying levels of ability. The borders are large pieces but as you work towards the center, the pieces become smaller. The Family Format puzzles make it fun for the entire family to work on a puzzle together!

Springbok Puzzles for Family Time

These puzzles are high quality. The pieces are slightly thicker than regular puzzles and they stay together. Once you attach the pieces together, you can bump them (even pick them up) without knocking them apart! This is a huge plus when working puzzles with children.

Another thing I love about these family format puzzles is their designs: Chocolate Sensations, Candy Kaleidoscope and Berries N Cream…….. The colors are bright and the patterns are interesting for the whole family.

One of the things that makes these puzzles unique is the fact that they are family friendly. When I talked to the Springbok Representative, she told me you could even pick up the puzzle after it was done and it would stay together.

So, we had to test that claim. And guess what? We were able to hold the entire puzzle up for this picture!


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