Spring is Coming

Today I’m ready for Spring! I know it’s close! Our neighbor has crocuses in bloom and mine are pushing up through the ground. There are green shoots about 3 inches tall in all my flower beds; but everything else is still brown. The grass is dead, the trees are still just sticks. We have had some gorgeous days here in Kentucky but no real color yet. So today, I thought I would just share some colors of past springs.

Spring is Coming

The only reason I know Spring is coming is because it comes every year!


Have you seen the live action version of Charlotte’s Web where Wilbur is watching the sunrise? He stops the whole barnyard and has them watch the sun come up over the horizon! When the animals are all amazed and ask how he knew that would happen, he replies that it does that every morning… but most of the time we’re too busy to enjoy it.


Colors of Spring

What is your favorite color of Spring? Mine is definitely yellow! When the daffodils start to bloom, you just can’t help but smile. But then before you know it, the pinks, purples and reds of the tulips are in full bloom.


The kids and I have an ongoing ‘game’ we play every year where we make predictions of which flower will be the first one up. Of course the crocus is always the winner and then the daffodils come in 2nd place. The order never changes, but the wonder and excitement is always fresh!

tulips 42 2

What is your favorite flower of spring? Got a favorite color? I’d love to hear! I can’t wait to start working in my flower beds and bringing in the beauties of the new year!

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