Spring: A Time for New Beginnings

Today is Easter Sunday. For many people, this is the chance to remember the Resurrection and celebrate their faith. For others, this day is a great chance to make memories with the kids hiding Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and enjoy some time with the family. For all of us, this is a great time to enjoy the start of a new season! Spring is here and the weather is changing. It’s time to make some small changes and celebrate new beginnings.


Spring: A Time for New Beginnings

So where do we start?

Clean out the Closets:

The first thing that gets a fresh look when the seasons change is the closets. Time to put up the heavy winter clothes, boots and coats and bring out the warm weather outfits.

Always launder your coats and hoodies before you store them away. I have been cleaning all the winter outerwear and then evaluating their life. Will they still fit the kids next season? If yes, then I store it in a plastic tote. If not, then I either share it with a friend whose kids are smaller than mine or I donate it to the thrift store. When you donate, make sure you get a receipt! Those donations add up at tax time!

Check the sweaters and hoodies in your closet. Do you have items that you did not wear this winter? Think about the reason those items were passed over. If they don’t fit, or the style is no longer ‘you’, then discard them. You will love the feeling of freedom when you don’t have extra things to pack away. Why waste valuable storage space on items that you no longer need or love?
Once the winter clothes are cleaned out, you will need to bring out the spring and summer clothes. Have your kids outgrown some of the items you thought they would be able to wear? Might be time to take a shopping trip. But don’t go empty handed.

Save Money on Clothes:

Before you head out to the stores, do a little bit of research. If you have a favorite store where you love to shop, check out their website. Do they have a loyalty club? Can you sign up for emails or text alerts and receive coupons? Are they offering In-store cash for future purchases? Should you use a particular credit card that gives you rewards that you can use this summer on vacation?
Don’t just shop on a whim. Be prepared ahead of time and look for ways to save money on spring clothes.

De-Clutter the Garage:

I am always amazed at how quickly a garage can fill up with random junk. Before you go out and buy new totes for storage, look at the stuff that is filling your garage. Is it trash? Have you had any mice take up residence over the winter? Is there stuff that needs to be donated because you no longer need it? Maybe you need to ‘hire’ your kids to help you do some spring cleaning in the garage. You can pay them with real money or with coupons for an extra game of kickball in the backyard or a cookout complete with hotdogs and marshmallows.

Clean out the Vehicles:

One activity that tops the list when the weather turns pretty is cleaning out the van. Warm weather seems to be the best time to get out there and dump the trash that has accumulated over the winter months. Take out the extra winter blankets and wipe down the windows. Spend a little time airing out the vehicle and getting rid of the trash.

What new beginnings do you need to make this spring season? Do you have cleaning that you can start? I’d love to hear what your plans are to celebrate the new season!

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