Snow Days Essentials to Bring on the Fun

Now that the temperatures are finally getting out of the single digits, it’s time to get out and enjoy some fun snow day adventures. Whether you have kids who want to build a snowman or you prefer sitting on the couch watching the snow through the window, here are some must-have essentials that will help bring on the snow day fun!

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Snow Days Essentials to Bring on the Fun

Sand Toys/Buckets

When the snow starts falling, it’s time to build a fort, igloo or snowman. Start rolling snowballs or you can use sand toys or buckets to make bricks. Whatever you choose, when the snow is packing, it’s time to start building.

Snow Sled/Tubes

Look for the best hills, grab your sled and spend some time out making memories with the kids.


Once you finish playing in the snow, warm up inside with your favorite hot cocoa, spiced apple cider or a cup of coffee.

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Warm Clothes & Boots

It’s impossible to enjoy being out in the snow if you are freezing cold. Layer up with warm clothes, wool socks and some comfortable waterproof boots.

Chalkboard Tshirts

Give the kids (and adults) a fun activity after playing in the snow with the Chalk of the Town Snowman T-Shirt Kit – decorate (and re-decorate!) their very own frosty friend. 

Battle it out with a Penguin Popper

Everyone loves the popular popper toys. Keep the spirit of the winter fun going with the Penguin Popper from Hog Wild! Buy 2 so you can battle it out after playing in the snow!

Do you enjoy playing in the snow? What are your must-haves for snow day fun?

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