Smores Card Game Review

How do you bring home the camping fun when it’s freezing outside and frost on the ground? You play Smores of course! My kids love to play card games and they love Smores. So I loved this new card game that brings home the fun, teaches them to work together and brings more laughter to our home.

smores cards

Smores Card Game

The rules of the game are simple: just collect the ingredients you need to make a smore before the other players do. You need 2 cracker cards, 1 marshmallow and 1 piece of chocolate to complete your smore. There are bonus cards that give you extra points (like a stick to roast your marshmallow or wood for a fire). But of course there are also penalty cards (you dropped your marshmallow in the dirt – lose 1 point).

My kids had a ball playing smores and soon had even adapted it to fit their own personality. I heard them debating whether the bonus campfire, tent and sleeping bag cards should help them finish their campsite and give them bonus points.

The cards are made from sturdy cardboard and feel like they will stand up to many hours of play. This game is going in our camping supplies bucket. It will be perfect the next time we’re stuck in the tent while the raindrops fall or when we’re too hot from playing in the creek on a hot camping day and need something fun to play under the tarp.

The object of the game is to build an edible s’more before your opponents. Players get a higher point value based on the quality of s’more ingredients. First player to collect all 4 ingredient cards and call out “S’more!”, wins. The S’more card game includes 70, 3 x 5” sturdy playing cards , and retails for $5.99. Sure to be a big hit at home or on your next family outing. Printed with Soy-Based Ink on Recycled Paper.

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  1. Great review–thanks–cards games any time can be fun–just to be on the safe side–there is a deck of cards in our gloves compartment just because things happen–this one looks like it would be alot of for and with the kids I know I’d get to play too… 🙂

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