Small Space Organization Ideas

What do you do when you have too much stuff to fit in your small house or apartment? Sometimes you can just scale back on your posessions, but there are other times that you just need to find a way to streamline your stuff. I have been collecting small space organization ideas for a while now. Here are a few to get you started thinking creatively.

Small Space Organization Ideas

Hide Guest Pillows in Plain Site

Put your guest pillows in extra pillow shams and use them as decorations on your bed. Most people love the homey look that multiple decorative pillows give. The pillows stay fresh and ready for company, but are hidden in plain site.

HIde guest pillows in pillow shams
Hide guest pillows in pillow shams

Pad Your Mattresses

If you have more extra quilts and blankets that you can use right now, don’t use valuable closet space.  Just layer them between your mattresses or under the fitted sheet.  You will get an extra padded sleeping surface and extra space in your closet.

Recharge in the drawer

If you have limited counter space, but multiple electronic devices, why not hide them inside a drawer instead of taking up a valuable surface. My parents drilled a hole in the back of a drawer and ran an extension cord. There is plenty of room for the cord and all the devices can stay hidden.

plug in drawer

Hide the Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper doesn’t have to be on the wall. Maybe it would be better served hiding on the inside of the cabinet.

toilet paper roll

Other Ideas from around the internet

What’s your best tip for organizing in small spaces? I’d love to hear!

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