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Sleep Pad Review

Recently we camped out in a parking lot for a Chick Fil A opening. The kids and I had a ball! The only problem is that we slept on sleeping bags in an asphalt parking lot and we really didn’t sleep very good at all! Too bad we didn’t have this sleep pad before we left.

Sleep Pad Review

I have to admit that I don’t particularly like the blow up air beds. They just don’t seem to be really practical for me. Who wants to keep up with a air pump when you’re camping? And I hate the feeling of rolling around on a squeaky air mattress. That’s why I was thrilled to test out this self inflating sleep pad from LightSpeed Tents.

About the Pad
Lightspeed® sleeping pad self-inflates with the twist of a nozzle. Foam inside expands when nozzle is open allowing air inside. Rolls up tight for easy storage. Built-in side rails and head rest. Great for travel and camping. Dense foam eliminates pressure points. No bouncing that is generally associated with other inflatable mattresses. Includes oversized carry bag with straps.

To inflate the bed, you simply unroll the mat and open the valve. The first time you inflate the mat, they suggest that you let it inflate for about 24 hours to let it fully fill. After that, it takes just a couple minutes go from a flat mat to a full mattress.

It’s so easy to use that my 7 year old daughter agreed to show you how it works:

Once the bed inflates, you simply close the valve and lay down for a great nap!

When you are done with the bed, you open the valve and roll it up like you do a sleeping bag. The air leaves the pad and you are able to easily slide it back into the bag for storage. This is such a hit with my kids that they were begging to sleep there instead of in their own bed. Now we can’t wait for the next camping trip or Chick Fil A opening!

I received a sleep pad for the purpose of this review

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  1. I have two of these and recommend them highly. some of the best tent sleep you’ll ever have….i even backpacked it in on a trip into the woods. for me, it can’t be beat. one of my favorite purchases this year.

    get one…or two…or three………….

  2. I am thinking about purchasing this from Costco. One thing you did not talk about is was the sleeping pad comfortable? Is it comparable to other sleeping pads, say at REI? Is it more comfortable than an air mattress?

    Your candid feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Good point Debbie. I was so excited about the ease and the fact I didn’t need an air pump that I completley forgot to mention the comfort side of it. Oops….. I’ve never used another brand of inflatable mattress like this so I can’t compare it to other sleeping pads but it was much more comfortable for me personally than the inflatable air mattresses that use the air pump. Those are floppy and squeak. This one doesn’t squeak or float. This one feels like a foam pad rather than an air mattress. Make sense? It gets me off the floor and feels solid. I’m hoping to have some pics and reviews after using it to camp out this next week as well. Hopefully that will be even more helpful to you then. Good luck.

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