Shopping for a Cause

This past weekend I stopped in to our local JCPenney store to spend a $10 coupon I received in the mail. My daughter and I were hoping to find at least one or two items on clearance so we could stretch the $10 as far as possible. We were in for quite the fun surprise! Shopping for a Cause is very rewarding!

Shopping Clearance

Since it’s the first weekend of November, most stores in Kentucky are almost out of all summer clothes. What they do have left is on clearance. JCPenney was no exception. There were about 4 areas that said CLEARANCE! We took a look and found prices marked at $4, $6 and $8. That was good but not awesome.

One of the sales associates saw us shopping the clearance rack and told me that some of the prices had not been marked but were actually only a quarter each. Did you read that price? All the summer clearance items were only 25 cents!

Do the math real fast! We were able to buy a ton of items for under $10 with our $10 coupon. I was able to purchase quite a few pieces of clothes for my kids for the coming seasons.

Shopping for a Cause

But this is where the really fun part came in. There was no way that my 3 kids needed all of the items and sizes that were still available. So we came home and pulled out the items that will fit our family.

The rest of the loot is now being spread out to extended family members, friends and a huge pile of boys polo shirts, shorts, tshirts and University of Kentucky shirts are going to our school resource center!

One of my friends sent me a text a little while after I shopped. She spent less than $15 and gathered quite a haul that she is planning to give to Operation Christmas Child! What a fun way for her to make a difference in the lives of many kids without impacting her weekly budget.

Our School Resource

Our school resource center provides the basic needs for many families in our area. They are a regular resource that allows many of our local families to find food and clothes. They have a very limited budget so donations like this are a boost.

Shopping Clearance

Anytime you are shopping clearance be on the lookout for amazing deals. This weekend, the .25 clearance items was one day only and not advertised anywhere in the store. I just happened on it. But I was ready with a worthy organization that could benefit from my gold mine!

Have you ever found an amazing clearance deal that you were able to use to make a difference in someone’s life? I’d love to hear your story!

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