6Tips to Guarantee Consignment Sale Success

It’s time for Spring Consignment Sales – a great opportunity to grab some amazing deals on summer clothes and gear for the kids. You can score some pretty sweet bargains if you know what to be looking for. Here are 6 tips that are guaranteed to help you save money when you head in to start shopping.


6 Tips to Guarantee Consignment Sale Success

Check for stains and missing pieces.

Most consignment sales are pretty careful to not sell clothes with stains, rips or tears. They try to ensure that games have the pieces all included and the characters are attached to the toys. But it always comes back to the shopper. Before you buy an item, check the condition. Sometimes it’s still a great deal to buy something that may not have all the pieces or have small stains, but you want to notice these things before you make the purchase. Most of these sales are sold ‘as is’ with no return policy.

Know your kids sizes and tastes.

When my kids were small, it was really easy to shop ahead. I regularly looked for deals on clothes that would fit them for the next 3 sizes. But now that they are older, it’s more important for me to know their actual sizes. Before you head out to shop at a consignment sale, take a few minutes and look through their closets. What size clothes are they wearing? Are their pants getting short? Do you think they will be ready for a new size in a few months when warm weather hits?

Notice what clothes (and brands) they seem to wear the most. Do they like character shirts? Stripes? Solids? Are they more apt to wear jeans or leggings? Do they prefer soft fabric, dresses or skirts? It does no good to buy clothes that your kids will not enjoy wearing.

Do your research.

Before you make a purchase on a large item, know the price of the item brand new. I’ve seen people spend more money on a used item than it would cost brand new in the stores. You can find some amazing deals, but if you don’t know the retail price then you won’t know if you are getting a good deal. I try to shop with my phone handy. If I find something that looks really interesting, I do a quick search to see what the price is for that same item in the store. That helps me decide if it’s better to buy used or wait and purchase new.

Set a budget.

There are many people that do the shopping for the entire season at the yearly consignment sales. This can add up to a nice chunk of change. Think about how much you are willing and able to spend and don’t go over that budget. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by all the amazing items that are on sale. If it’s not in the budget, don’t spend the money.

Bring a basket.

Some consignment sales offer shopping bags but most of the time you are on your own. You may want to bring a laundry basket or extra shoulder bag that you can use to hold your stash while you continue shopping.

Buy Ahead.

If you see something that is an amazing price but is not right for your kids right now, you may still want to buy it! Will it be a perfect Christmas or birthday present? Do you have a friend who is expecting a baby? Many times you can find brand new baby clothes with tags still attached.

What are your tips for shopping and saving money at consignment sales? I’d love to hear!

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