Share Warmth & Hugs with Children

As the weather gets colder and the holiday decorations all go up around town and in our homes, it’s time to think about spreading love and doing something special for the children in our communities who may not have warm homes and families. Here are some easy ideas to share warmth & hugs with children.

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Share Warmth & Hugs with Children

During the cold winter months and around the holiday season, we all want to do something special for others. Here are some super simple tips for bringing a smile to the face of children while helping them stay warm at the same time!

Collect Hats, Coats & Scarfs

If your kids are like mine, they are growing way too fast. I recently went through my bag of hats, scarfs, gloves and coats to see what they have outgrown. I have a whole stack of winter things that no longer fit the kids but are in great condition. So instead of keeping them in the basement, I’ve got them in a box ready to donate next week. You can take them to the local thrift store or find an organization like One Warm Coat that will get the coats and gloves to the right people who need them most.

Did you know you can order fleece scarf kits? They come in individual packages so you can either gift them brand new and let the child tie the ends personally or do them yourself and gift them ready to wear!

donate scarves to children this winter

Call your Utility Company

When the temperature drops, most of us turn the heat on higher. But some people can’t afford to pay their electric or heating bills. If you want to do something to help keep kids warm, call your local utility company and ask them if you can pay someone’s bill who is fixing to have their account suspended. They can probably tell you how much is needed to help a family and allow you to make the payment anonymously. You can even drop off a teddy bear to be delivered to the family!

Give a Teddy Bear

Sometimes children just need a new teddy bear or miniature snowmen to help them know they are loved. We ordered these super soft stuffed bears so we can share them with children who need something special this winter season. We’ve got them in little winter gift bags with a fleece scarf ready to share.

SHARE warmth and hugs with children

Where can you give these special bags?

  • Hospitals
  • 911 Call Centers
  • Police Departments
  • Children’s Homes
  • School Resource Center

Just call your local office and ask them if they accept new items and where you can drop them off.

share warmth with children

Looking for other ways to make memories during the holiday season? How about hosting a simple ornament exchange?

how to host an ornament exchange
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