Shade Tents in a Flash

This weekend, my daughter had a friend over. They were having a great time but were ready for a new adventure. They had already had a gypsy fairy tea party and played nerf wars with the big brothers. Now it was time for something really new.

I brought out our shade tent that I got earlier this summer. In less than a minute, we had a tent set up, with the floor in place and the girls horse barn and toys all ready for a fun afternoon.

Sometimes you just need a new element (like a tent) to bring a whole new level of excitement to the day!

Shade Ideas

If you don’t have an instant pop up shade canopy like we have, no problem. Just make your own. We have used blankets and sheets many times in the past to create a shade tent.

***From personal experience: NEVER use a heavy object to anchor a blanket as a tent. When I was a kid, we were building this amazing tent at a slumber party. If memory serves me right (it’s been 30 years!), my friend Lisa ended up in the emergency room with a bloody head when the record player we used to hold up the blanket fell on her head. Fortunately, she was alright, but I have since become quite careful when building shade tents!

Best Materials & Ideas

  • Clothespins
  • Light Blankets, sheets, tablecloths
  • A kitchen table with a sheet covering the sides
  • An empty closet with a sheet draped over the clothes bar
  • Clothes Line with blanket draped

What do you do when your kids need a shade tent? I’d love to see your creations!

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