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Crafting with a Sewing Machine & Glue Gun

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My aunt can make just about anything with a sewing machine and a glue gun. She comes by it quite naturally. Her Mom could sew anything too. And of course her sisters (my Aunt Mahala and my Mom, Ritchie) also inherited the creative genes. I love getting together with the three of them and watching them go to work – creating, designing, upcycling and solving problems.

Today’s feature on #30daysofhobbies is a perfect example of how a little creativity, a sewing machine and a glue gun can solve just about any design or decor issue.

Crafting with a Sewing Machine & Glue Gun

What led you to this hobby?

Many of my earliest memories are of my mom sitting at her Kenmore sewing machine and sewing curtains, matching dresses for my 2 sisters and me, and making doll clothes late into the night. She also used her sewing skills to make children’s choir robes and backdrop scenery for functions at our church. I was fascinated by this. My first experience of sewing when I was 7 or 8, Mom gave me a needle and thread and I thought the world had come to an end as I sat hemming my doll’s dress and accidentally sewed it to my own skirt. First lesson learned – when sewing, you CAN undo stitching, but you CANNOT undo cutting.

everything is possible

My mom also was very crafty – usually out of necessity, but also because she was very clever. When I use a pattern, I either measure twice and cut once, OR sometimes measure once, and then have to find another scrap of fabric to cut twice! I have made curtains, covered a couch and chair (using the old covers as a pattern), sewn dolls, pillows, linings for baskets, garden flags, and giant colorful dinosaurs and Snoopy stuff for my sons bedrooms when they were little.

karen crafts

I had knee replacements, and needed something to carry my cell-phone, pen, notepad and magazines from one room to the next, so I made a fabric envelope and attached it to the front bar of my walker.

jean pocket

I even used an old backpack zipper pocket and attached it to my fabric envelope. It served it’s purpose nicely.

I also enjoy writing poetry, so one of my fun crafts has been to make themed “tooth fairy” pillows for baby gifts, along with a poem tailored to the child’s favorite – i.e. helicopter, hippopotamus, etc.

In our many military moves, I would need to fill in a bare spot somewhere in our home, so I would make something: A small cloth apron (with some cross-stitching) for a little broom tucked in a corner; a stuffed “pineapple” to greet visitors in the entry hallway; bought an old rusty iron stove base, sandblasted it, painted it black, then attached foam to a wooden base and covered it with fabric to use as a coffee-table in the family room.

Twenty-five years ago, I bought an old army desk chair for $10.00, then found some music themed tapestry fabric, so I pulled the old grey-green vinyl off, and covered the chair and made matching curtains for my office at home.

Karen music chair

This past fall, I wanted to “decorate” my extra bathroom with a fall theme. I bought a cheap plain beige cloth shower curtain, went through my scrap fabric collection, ran off leaf patterns from Google images, then appliqued fabric cascading leaves onto the shower curtain. It was fun, and the compliments were rewarding.

curtain leaves

Have you turned your hobby into a business?

I have often thought about making my hobby into a business, but I have so many other activities going on that I’m not prepared to give them up to devote all my time to just this hobby. My sewing crafts give me pleasure in the doing, and when I am able to give them as gifts to friends.

What keeps you motivated with this hobby?

I suppose my hobby is an outlet for my inner creativity and ability and desire to figure out a pattern, think it through, and see the end result. I must admit that I do indeed have a pile of sewing mishaps that I just could not finish…BUT, I keep them, because sometimes I can use some of the materials from that particular craft to incorporate into another one.

Sewing Crafts has been my “go-to” outlet for my own pleasure and enjoyment.

*Give me a sewing machine, fabric scraps, a glue-gun and I’m a happy camper. Sometimes, when I feel out of sorts or down in the dumps, I realize that I need to do something crafty, and do it NOW!

My inspirations often come from something I see in a catalog or magazine, and I think “I can do that!” I will trace it, or free-hand draw it, or copy it on my computer, envision it in 3-dimension, then make my pattern.

Any tips for beginners?

You need a sewing machine, a mini-glue gun, lots of scrap fabrics, (definitely a seam ripper for the mistakes☺) sharp scissors, lots of spools of thread, and a desire to create something. Your project may grow out of necessity, or just something you’d like to try.

Start out at the fabric store, pouring over the craft section in pattern books. Bought patterns are a great start to sewing crafts. (Be sure and use coupons – patterns are expensive these days; or borrow patterns from crafty friends.) Eventually, you can figure out how to make your own patterns.

As for fabric, I’ve been known to buy old shirts at thrift stores, and even used hand-me-downs from my own husband’s and kids closets. The other thing you will need is a place to store your “stuff.” I use small clear plastic covered bins that stack, that I can see the color swatches for my scraps. NEVER throw away a scrap of fabric unless it’s smaller than your outstretched hand. I have used scraps that are decades old.

About Karen

karen sI’m the daughter of a preacher-man, born in KY in the first half of the last century, lived in TN, AL, and FL as a kid. Graduated college in KY, then married an Army aviator, and spent 24 years moving from post to post in KY, TN, AL, TX, CA, and Germany. I love to travel, even enjoyed moving, but glad to be rooted back in KY since 1994. I love my sewing crafts, but my first love is teaching music. I direct the Made 4 Praise Children’s Worship Choir (3rd-5th graders) at my church in Louisville. I have 2 grown sons, and delight when I see them exploring their own interests, and often being “crafty” in their own manly ways.

Do you use a sewing machine and glue gun to create? I’d love to hear how you design, decorate and solve problems with your creativity!

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