Seven Books I’ve Reread and Why


Some people look at you like you’re crazy if you say you reread books. My response to that is, aren’t there certain movies you could watch over and over and never get tired of? My favorite books are like that. Every time I pick them up, the original adrenaline rush comes soaring back.

But I don’t have time to reread every single novel I find. This a list of some of my favorites that I’ve read multiple times and will read again. They’re just that good.

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7 Books I’ve Reread and Why

1.) Keeper of the Lost City

Twelve year old Sophie Foster is a telepath, but that’s not the only thing making her abnormal. She’s an elf and with the incredible gifts she has also comes the bad guys that are after them.

I’m not sure if I’m embarrassed or proud to say I’ve read this 488 page book at least five times, maybe more. So what keeps me coming back to Keeper of the Lost Cities? The characters play a big role and the end leaves me reeling until it all resolves by the last couple chapters in a way that leaves me wanting the next one. Book six comes out in November so there’s still time to catch up. (wink, wink)

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2.) Mark of the Thief

This is a prime example of me having a serious lack of judgement. For weeks I had thought about reading the first book in the Mark of the Thief trilogy, and for some reason I just didn’t check it out from my library.  But when I ran out of other books to read and decided to pick it up, I fell in love.  My favorite thing about this series is definitely Nic, the main character, and the web of conflict that the author Jennifer A. Nielsen formed with this series. The magic is original which adds a lot as well.

Also, if you are someone who loved Percy Jackson and don’t know where to go next, I would recommend this book. Instead of Greek mythology, you have Roman and instead of present times, you’re in the past; but both book series have great characters and great adventures.

3.) The False Prince

The False Prince is another great start of a trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen.

A lot of times in books you see the monarchy as a dark controlling force. The evil king, the scheming queen. Nielsen throws on a fresh twist where it’s not so much the Crown’s fault but the traitors within.

The twist in the last quarter of the book blew my mind. Sage just might be the most smart aleck and clever character I’ve ever read through the eyes of. Definitely worth a read or in this case a second or third.

4.) Gregor the Overlander

The same author of Hunger Games first wrote this five part series The Underland Chronicles, starting with Gregor the Overlander. The best way to sum up this series is Alice in Wonderland meets Narnia. My favorite part of this series is the prophecies. Each book is driven by a different one. In most cases prophecies tire me out. (That whole plot line kind of got used up in Harry Potter), but I didn’t feel that way about this series. You can tell that it’s the same author who later wrote Hanging Tree and the other songs from Hunger Games by the way they flow.

gregor the overlander suzanne collins

Check out my full review here.

5.) Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

When Disney World closes down at night, what really happens?

I actually haven’t finished the Kingdom Keepers series yet but I’ve read and later reread the first couple to refresh my memory. I’ve never been to Disney World but still loved this series. The mystery is well balanced with adventure and the splash of magic is great. I can say for sure that the first six are quite a ride. The seventh skips ahead three years and I just haven’t quite been able to wrap my mind around that yet, but I’ll get there eventually. Have any of you read book seven, The Insider? Was it worth it?

6.) The Magisterium: The Iron Trial

Callum Hunt has an aptitude for magic but that, according to his father, is the worst possible thing. When he is forced to go to the Iron Trial to compete in getting into the magic school known as the Magisterium, he has one mission, fail. But that’s harder to do then it seems.

The last book in the five part series just released a few days ago. They’re all good but hands down the first three are my favorite. If you are a Harry Potter fan, I’d highly recommend this series. There were a few topics I didn’t agree with that were thrown in throughout the series but it didn’t take away from the overall plot so I still really enjoyed these books. Definitely worth the rereads.

7.) The Unwanteds

Creativity is illegal…but it’s also magical.

My favorite thing about this series is how having an imagination and having a creative skill like drawing or making music becomes the characters’ weapons. The reviews say that it’s Hunger Games meets Harry Potter. I see that and I don’t. Yes, it is a magical school and yes, there is a Purge that sentences the Unwanteds to “death” but that’s where the similarities stop. That being said, the review made me want to read the book and I ended up absolutely loving it. It’s original and each book builds on the last (I nearly died at the end of book two).

So there you have it. Seven books I’ve reread and why; all great adventures that got my heart hammering in my chest. What books have you reread? Why? I’d love to hear about them.

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