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Our Secret Steak Sauce


My husband can make anything taste good on the grill. I can still remember getting our very first grill 20 years ago. We didn’t have any traditional meat in the refrigerator for the grill so we just grabbed some bologna… It even tasted good! Now he’s a bit pickier about what he puts on the grill; but no matter what he cooks, it always turns out delicious.


Over the years he has tried many combinations for marinades and sauces, but the all time favorite is this secret sauce that I received permission to share.

Our Secret Steak Sauce

To make the best grilled food, you need 3 Ingredients. You can add other spices and details, but if you have these 3 items, you are guaranteed to be on the road to a successful grilling experience.


Kikkoman Soy Sauce
Italian Dressing (any brand will do)
McCormick Spices

We discovered that Kikkoman is the best soy sauce. Other store brand soy sauces are so high in sodium that they actually tasted much too salty for our taste.

Italian Dressing seems to be pretty standard no matter which brand.

We started buying McCormick spices about 10 years ago. They have a wide range of spice mixes for grilling, and we’ve probably tried just about all of them. The McCormick grilling spices just have a great taste that we love!

steak on grill

How to fix the perfect steak.

Some people insist on marinating their steak overnight before putting it on the grill, but I have to admit I often forget to thaw it out in time for that. I do try to have it thawed and sitting in some soy sauce/Italian dressing mixture by the time my husband is ready to grill.

He brushes on the spice mixture while he’s cooking and lets the meat cook nice and slow.

I have to congratulate him on 20 years of not burned meal on the grill! Now that I’ve made you nice and hungry, I guess I know what you’re planning for supper this weekend!


Do you have a favorite Secret Steak Sauce? Can you share your secret ingredient? I’d love to hear!

All opinions are my own. I was given some McCormick spices to use for my post. No monetary compensation was received.

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