Scapbooking with Kids

Many adults look at Scrapbooking as a time to be very creative and precise. They appoach the hobby as a time to show off their amazing design skills and look at each page as a masterpiece.

But when you scrapbook with kids, you have to adjust your expectations and allow the child to explore and use their own ideas – even if isn’t the way you would design the page.

Last weekend, I pulled out my supplies (most of which I received from Scrapbuck) and gave each of my children a stack of pictures and free reign over all the stuff. They picked their paper, stickers, embellishments, glue – anything they wanted to use out of the box.

The results were priceless: a huge mess (which they helped clean up), 2 pages that are less than perfect by some standards… but absolute masterpieces in their eyes and a whole bunch of ‘memories’.

Do you scrapbook with your kids? I’d love to hear how you make memories with the kids in your life!

***If you plan to purchase scrapbooking supplies, a great place to look is Scrapbuck. They offer free shipping as soon as you hit $20 and have some great prices!

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting! It’s amazing how creative our children can be when we let them be free! 🙂 Heading over to visit you as well!

  2. Thanks Jennifer, I have to agree that their pages are absolutely perfect to me as well. It is fun to see them express their creativity. Their pages went right in the album next to mine! I didn’t change a thing on them. btw…..I’m heading over to your blog this morning! 🙂

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