Saying Thanks with Extra Gum

How do you say thank you to the people in your life who do the little extras? We all know people like this. They’re the custodian who doesn’t just clean the bathrooms in the office, but also makes sure the air freshener is refilled. These special people are the grocery store employee who takes time to help you find the one random ingredient that you need for the holiday meal. Sometimes it’s just important to recognize people who work extra hard and go the extra mile. This holiday season, our kids and I decided that we wanted to say thanks to the secretaries at our local high school. We wanted to say thanks in a fun special way, so we found some Extra Gum and decided to say thanks!

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Saying Thanks with Extra Gum

  • The policeman who smiles as he directs traffic in the early mornings before school starts – even though it’s below freezing and starting to sleet.
  • The mail carrier who brings your packages to the door when they won’t fit in the mailbox and it’s raining outside.
  • The school secretary who still smiles even though the students are asking her for the same form over and over.

Say thanks for the EXTRAs they do!

The kids and I wanted to say thanks to the school secretaries at our local high school. So we headed to Walmart and picked up several packs of Extra gum. We knew it would be fun to surprise them with a little goody bag to say thanks!

I came home and made a little note card that says “Thanks for the EXTRA things you do to make the school run smoother!” Sure, we could have signed them but we thought it would be fun to just stay secret.

extra bags

It didn’t take a lot of money or time to put together these little appreciation bags. We dropped in the card and a couple packs of gum and tied them up. We were ready to go on a fun secretive mission.

Extra Bags of gums for teacher appreciation day

Since we knew the school would be quiet this past weekend, we grabbed our appreciation bags and the camera and took off on our secret mission.

Going the EXTRA mile is not always easy and unfortunately many of us get busy and forget to take the time to say thanks. It’s fun to think that a pack of gum and a thank you note can make a difference and brighten someone’s day.

Print Extra Things You Do and brighten someone’s day!

thanks for the extra things you do

Other ideas to say thanks:

Do you know someone who is doing something extra special in their job? Why not take a minute, spend just a few dollars and say thanks!

Buy a cup of coffee:

I remember one morning when a school employee was helping the students unload from their cars. She looked so cold and mentioned in passing that she really could use a hot drink. I dropped off the kids and did a quick circle over to the local gas station, bought a cup of coffee and drove back through the car line. That small act of kindness made her morning better and helped her know that we appreciated her extra help.

Give your Mail Carrier a Gift Card:

Pick up a small gift card to the local McDonalds or Hardees and leave it in the mailbox for your mail carrier.

Reward your children when you catch them doing good:

As parents, we often find ourselves having to correct our children when they do something wrong. But when we catch them doing something good, give them a thank you reward. Maybe you can give them an extra 10 minutes of electronics time or an extra book before bed. Just because they’re young, doesn’t mean that we don’t need to show appreciation for the things they do right on their own.

thanks for the extra

It’s the little things we do to say thanks that make a difference in other people’s lives. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, just take the time to notice the people around you. When you see someone doing a little something extra, take a minute and say thanks.

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