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Say “I Love You” With Easy Crafts for your Kids

Valentine’s Day is a time for love. A day for sharing love and happiness with smiles and laughter. Every February 14th is focused purely on couples; and although the day may include dinner, flowers, jewelry, adventures, many forget that families are made up of love and should so share in the festivities of the day. There are simple crafts that can be done with parents and their children to create a small package of love, and what better way that to create personalized, colorful hearts to give as valentines.

What You Need
• Tissue paper of different colors
• Glue (a thick glue like Elmers glue works the best)
• Scissors
• Cardboard or thick card stock paper
• A wooden pencil for each person

The setup is fairly simple for this craft. All of the tissue paper needs to be cut into squares anywhere around 1-inch by 1-inch sizes. There is no need to make the squares at perfect 90-degree angles, but instead make the project more interesting and texturized with misshapen squares.

Time to Create Some Hearts

The first step is to create the basic shape, the heart in this case. Draw a shape on either the cardboard or the card stock and cut it out. This is the main base for the project. Both the card stock and cardboard can be glued together also to create an even thicker and cleaner base as well as a color for the back and front of the board.

Once the base is done, the fun part begins. It’s time to map out where the colored tissue paper of the heart will go. Either add some lines to make boundaries or simply begin the next step. But before moving forward, there may be one other step that can be added. A handwritten note can be added to the middle-front of the heart or glued to the back of the heart.

The next step is to add the tissue paper to the base. First make a small puddle of glue whether on another cardboard piece that will be thrown away or in a shallow cup. Now to add the paper.

The easiest way to do this is to take a tissue square and wrap it over the eraser end of a pencil. The eraser end is usually easier than if the pencil was not sharpened because the rubber helps a little bit with adhesiveness of paper to wood. Once the paper has been wrapped, dip the paper onto the glue.

One at a time, glue the folded pieces of paper within the boundaries that have been marked off. This can be done in two ways. Either the bases of the folded tissues pieces can touch to create a tight colored pattern or the bases can be further apart to add bigger pattern.

Once the base is completely covered, the heart is ready to dry and then, finally, given to a loved one.

Although this project is being made for Valentines, any shape for any occasion can be used. Stars for Fourth of July. Santa Claus for Christmas. If the shape can be created on a cardboard piece, all that’s needed is colored tissue.

So have fun, create some love and enjoy Valentines with your chilren.

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