Saving Garden Seeds for Next Year & Beyond


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If you have ever planted a garden, you know that there are always a few seeds left over. Every year we plant our corn, squash, cucumbers and zinnias but we always end up with a pile of seeds that we don’t end up needing. So how do you store those extra seeds for next year? And how do you make sure you have a stash of seeds put back for an emergencies? I recently received this Deluxe Seed Storage Box to help me organize my unused seeds PLUS a Survival Seed Vault to put in our emergency prep box.

saving garden seeds

Saving Garden Seeds for Next Year & Beyond

Typically I am pretty scattered when it comes to storing my seeds from year to year. I have not really developed a good system. I drop them in zippered plastic bags and toss them in the garage. But that usually leads to me losing the seeds and having to buy them all again each year. I waste money and lose the opportunity to enjoy my garden seads from one season to the next.

I have even been known to buy seeds on discount at the end of the season when they go on sale and then forget where I put them.

seeds from last year

But this year I am finally getting organized. I received the Seed Keeperand started organizing my seed collection.

seed keeper deluxe

The Seed Keeper is the ultimate seed organizer for gardeners. It includes everything you need to start saving seeds and build your seed collection.

    • Makes it easy to organize, store and find your seeds
    • Durable container keeps contents safe and dry, holds dozens of seed packs
    • File your seeds using A to Z index and monthly dividers
    • Index cards full of gardening info, tips and recipes
    • Tool kit full of seed starting supplies
    • Made in the USA

Seeds can last from year to year but they are absolutely no good if you don’t know what they are. The seed keeper comes with little envelopes that are perfect for labeling and organizing the seeds in your collection. I simply poured the seeds into each envelope and marked the name and date on the package.

seed storage

The Seed Keeper has alphabetical dividers to help you organize each packet of seeds. I didn’t realize how many extra cucumber and squash seeds we had purchased last year. Now when it is planting season, I will know what we already have and save some money on our seed purchase.

seed keeper 2

There are also wooden stakes and plant markers so I will be ready to label each row in the garden as soon as planting season is here!

seed marker

Each season, I know that we can easily go to the store and purchase the rest of the seeds we need to plant our garden. But what if the unthinkable happens and we end up with a shortage of viable seeds? What if there is a blight that destroys or lessens the availability of vegetable seeds? What then?

I honestly don’t think we’ll ever be attacked by zombies or have a nuclear fallout, but there is always the far off possibility that we might have a natural disaster or end up in an unexpected situation. What then?

Being Prepared with a Survival Seed Vault

Our family is taking steps now to make sure we are prepared for whatever the future holds. We have counted up the toilet paper that our family uses in a months time, we have taken steps to make sure we have access to fresh drinking water and we stock up on canned goods during the winter months.

Now, thanks to EarthEasy, we are working to make sure we have a supply of food that we could grow in a garden if we ever faced a real extended emergency. The Survival Seed Vault is just one small piece of our plan to be prepare for anything that might come.


Seed Vault

The Survival Seed Vault is a collection of the finest heirloom vegetable seeds, allowing you to grow your own food and achieve food independence. Seeds are 100% non-GMO and open-pollinated, so they can be grown, harvested, and replanted endlessly.
Features & Benefits:

  • 20 varieties of hardy heirloom vegetable seeds
  • Seeds guaranteed for 5+ years of storage at 75° F, longer at lower temperatures
  • Long term storage in airtight metal seed vault
  • Resealable triple-layered seed packets
  • Includes survival seed saving guide
  • Made in the USA

I wanted to see what was in the seed vault, so I carefully opened the seal. Then to my pleasant surprise, I realized that each of the seed packets is sealed in a triple-layered packet allowing me to look at the contents of the seed vault without harming the seeds.


This seed vault is guaranteed to last at least five years, even longer if it is stored at lower temperatures. I don’t know about you, but our refrigerator doesn’t often have extra space, but our basement stays a consistent low temperature year round. I am now working on filling a tote box dedicated to being prepared. Stay tuned to see what I think is important to keep in our preparedness box.

seed vault 2

Knowing where the vegetable seeds are from year to year is a valuable way for me to save money and be ready for each gardening season. But knowing that we have a seed vault put back for the unexpected long term emergency is a simple way to give us peace of mind.

Have you ever thought about storing back seeds for emergencies? Do you know where your vegetable seeds are stored? I’d love to hear your tips for being ready for summer gardening!

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  1. I will have to check this out for my Spring garden. We go through tomatoes like crazy – they are my youngest son’s favorite fruit!

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