How to Save on Online Shopping

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Holiday Sales. How do you decide when is the best time to make a purchase for the items on your kid’s Dear Santa list? When will the discounts be the deepest? I am not here to tell you when to spend your money, but I do have a few reminders about how to save money when you start your online shopping.

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How to save on online shopping

How to save on Online Shopping

This weekend is a popular time for shopping online and we are all scrambling to get the best deals. But take 5 minutes and get these tips for making the most of every dollar you spend online!

Don’t forget the Rebates:

Before you shop at your favorite store (Gap, American Eagle, Shutterfly, Dicks, Walmart….) click on Mr. Rebates or Ebates. (Both sites work the same)

  • Login or register (If you are registering for the first time, you will get a $5.00 bonus just for signing up!)
  • Now type in the store name where you want to shop in the search bar at the top.
  • A small screen will pop up telling you that you are being directed to your store’s site.
  • Shop like normal! Pay like normal! Receive your product – like normal!
mr rebates

In a few days, you will get an email saying “Thanks, your rebate is being processed at Mr. Rebates.” It takes 90 days after you make your purchase to have that money available and you must accumulate at least $10.00 in rebate money at MrRebates or Ebates. But then you can request a check mailed to you or have the money deposited into your Paypal account.

I understand that this is not INSTANT savings – but I figure if I am already going to be spending the money, I may as well have the company send me some of it back. This is a great way to get an after Christmas bonus!

Look for Shipping Deals:

Many companies will be offering shipping incentives over the next few weeks. If free shipping starts at $75 and you were planning to spend only $65, do the math. See whether you can spend another $10 and get more products instead of throwing away $10 on shipping charges. Sure, you don’t want to spend money just to spend. But if you are going to have to pay the $10 on shipping, why not get something extra you can gift on Christmas Day?

Shop Your Fav Brands at

Leave items in your shopping cart:

One trick that we love to use is to put the items we want to buy in our shopping cart and then walk away. If the prices aren’t what you want today, and you have a few days to wait, then walk away. Sometimes the price will drop over the next few days and you will end up saving some money.

Some companies will even send you a percentage off or discount codes if you leave things in your shopping cart in the hopes you will come back and finish your purchase.

Compare Prices:

When the deals start happening in the big box stores, we always start looking at the big competitor online sites – Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, ToysRUs etc. These online stores want our money just as much as the brick and mortar stores. They will often match the low prices that are being advertised in the ads. By combining free shipping, rebates from Mr. Rebates and sales, you may be able to get better deals from your living room couch than if you fight the crowds in the stores.

Use store discounts:

Don’t forget to watch for incentives from the various online sites. Stores may offer in-store cash for future purchases or percent off coupons if you sign up for their newsletters. Don’t forget to like the stores on Facebook or Twitter so you will be notified when they start running sales.

If you are one of those people who have self-control over credit cards and can pay off your bill every month, you may want to use a store card to earn rewards or loyalty points for future purchases.

How do you plan to save money on online purchases? Got any tips or tricks?


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