4 Ways to Save Money without Clipping Coupons

Many of you have been reading my articles since I first began blogging back in 2009. In the early days, I was constantly writing about coupons and saving money. I shared every coupon I could find that would let me save money. Over the years my perspective has shifted so that I even though I still write about saving, it’s now a more practical approach that allows me to save money in my real life. I still use coupons, but not in the same way that I did back in the beginning.

Today I am simply reminding you of four ways to save money that don’t require you to clip mountains of paper coupons or spend hours of your day filing and sorting them.

save money without clipping coupons

4 Ways to Save Money with No Clipping Coupons

Use Digital Coupons:

Kroger is running the “What a Deal: Buy 5, Save $5” savings promotion right now. Tide and Cascade are included in the sale. Since Tide is my preferred laundry detergent, I love stocking up when it goes on sale. I didn’t remember to clip coupons from the paper, but I did use the digital coupons. I was able to buy the detergent for well below the standard price just by using digital coupons. Download the Kroger app which allows you to select coupons that come off instantly at the store. Digital coupons are simple, quick and painless. There’s no clipping, no cutting, no remembering to take them to the store. You can sit in the parking lot when you get to the store, open the app, select the coupons and get your savings.

Many stores have embraced the digital coupon option. Check with your preferred store to see if they offer digital coupons on their website or mobile app.

Buy before you need it:

Many people wait to buy products till they actually need them. But if you are on the lookout throughout the year, you may be able to save money on products when they are on sale. We know that we will buy cough and cold medicine during the winter months. Recently we saw some DayQuil in the clearance aisle priced several dollars cheaper than normal. Even though I didn’t have a coupon on me, I knew that was a substantial savings. Now when it comes to time to use this medicine, I will have it in my cabinet and will not have to go out and pay full price.

Since we recently moved to a new house, our freezer that we use for meat and produce is pretty empty. Every time I walk past the meat department of the grocery I look around to see if there’s any discount meat that I can buy to restock the freezer. Meat is one of those things that is really expensive, so when it is on sale, that’s the time to buy and freeze back.

Don’t be a brand snob:

Sure, there are some items where you may definitely have brand loyalty, but there are other things that most any brand will do. If you know you need certain items but your preferred brand is not on sale or more expensive, branch out and try something different. You will save money and possibly find a new favorite.

Save at the Pump:

Wherever you choose to get your gas, check for a loyalty program. Most gas stations participate in a program that will let you earn points toward discounts on gas or snacks in the store. It’s a simple step to swipe a loyalty card every time you fill up your tank.

Do you use coupons the same way you did several years ago or have you changed your method to work with your current lifestyle? I’d love to hear how you are saving money in real life!

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