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Save Money on your Wedding

I love the idea of saving money in every part of life. Whether it’s at the grocery, on Christmas presents or on the big occasions of life, I want to find ways to stretch every dollar. When we got married back in 1994, we found ways to save money yet still managed to created a memorable day. For those of you planning a wedding in 2016, you know how expensive a wedding can be.


5 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

Who do you want to impress?

When it comes down to the bottom line, there are only two people who really matter at your wedding – you and your spouse! Everyone else is bonus! If you can remember this important detail, everything else will fall into place. There is no reason to try to outdo others who are planning a wedding. You don’t have to impress your future inlaws or your extended family.

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Pick a venue that means something to you!

When it came down to our wedding venue, we knew we wanted to be married outdoors. My husband and I love to hike and spend time outside in nature so we knew that we wanted to say our vows under the trees. My parents had a beautiful large backyard with pecan trees and a small creek. It was the perfect location and didn’t cost a fortune.

Since we were going for the outdoor minimal look, we were able to cut costs on candles and decorations. The trees, birds and well placed white bows provided the majority of our decorations.

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If you choose an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

Simplify your Reception

Some people choose to furnish a huge sit-down meal for the reception. But this is also one of the largest costs involved in the wedding. Consider whether you really want to do a full meal. Can you offer appetizers and snacks instead of a sit-down dinner and shave some expense off your budget? Instead of hiring a full catered meal with all the hired staff, can you enlist your older nieces and nephews and have them act as servers?

By utilizing your family members instead of hiring a crew, you save money but also get the younger crowd involved in the event.

Start Saving Today

Planning a wedding is a big expense, but doesn’t have to put you in debt before you say “I do!”. Look at your lifestyle and see if there are any extras you can cut out to help you save money. Do you typically order a coffee on your way to work every morning? Are you really watching the movies on your pay service? Can you sell anything on ebay to make some extra money?

Barter, Swap, Utilize your Resources

Sometimes your best resources are your childhood friends. Do you have a best friend who plays the piano? Ask her to skip the wedding present and play for your wedding instead? Is your old time friend a whiz at design? Maybe they would be willing to design your wedding invitations for you as their gift. Do you have a local florist friend with small kids? Maybe you could do some babysitting leading up to the wedding in exchange for some floral arrangements and bouquets? Think outside the box when it comes to your needs and see if there are ways to use resources other than money to pay for your wedding.

How much money are you planning to spend on your wedding? What one area do you think you can simplify to help you save money?

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  1. Making the decorations my self as well as some of the other things and asking friends to help with things they are good at.

  2. My niece is marrying this year and as her mother passed away I’m trying to give her a day to remember on a limited budget.

  3. My daughter that’s getting married is a cosmetogist. She plans on doing her own makeup and a friend/co-worker of hers is going to do her’s and our other daughter’s(also maid of honor) hair for free.

  4. My daughter’s future MIL bought some of the decorations from a bride she knows who didn’t use them for her wedding.

  5. I love to comparison shop online -it’s easy and saves me gas and time! My daughter is getting married this year -6-16-16! and we are in the midst of getting everything DONE!

  6. My daughter is getting married in May, his mom is really good at decorating and they are doing the decorating themselves.

  7. My daughter is getting married May 21, 2016. The ceremony will be at his parents home, they are trying to save money as much as they can.

  8. I got engaged but the wedding wont be in 2016. I need help with saving money though! My sister is getting married in 2016 and think I could help her out too!

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