Save on Holiday Shoes

Just a quick reminder! Everywhere you look – you can save money if you remember this important tip! Shop the back of the stores first! The newest and most expensive items are often in the front. If you’re looking to save money, take the time to look at the clearance section and you may save big bucks on the things you need!

If you’re shopping for clothes, shoes or socks, Shoe Carnival has lots of ways to save on holiday shoes I needed some new slip-on shoes for the holidays and founds some cute flats in the clearance section!

Save on Holiday Shoes

Shoe Carnival has some great ideas for saving money on holiday shoes. Sign up for Shoe Perks and earn points toward free shoes. While you’re out shopping, don’t forget to drop in and take a look at what is available in your local store.

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And don’t forget to sign up with your email address to get savings delivered to your inbox!

When I was in the local Lexington store this week, I found some great shoes in the clearance section! Easy score for some holiday savings!

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