Visiting the Rock House Natural Arch


Sometimes you feel the need to get away but don’t have time to really take a road trip. So what do you do? That’s when you look for places that are close enough to run over and give you that adventure without requiring an overnight vacation. Less than an hour from our house is the Rock House Natural Arch. We’ve been there before but each time we go is a different experience.


Visiting the Rock House Natural Arch

Fall in Kentucky is a beautiful mix of colors and there’s nothing quite like the back roads to give you some perspective.

Kentucky Backroads

A Russell County Natural Feature. The Creelsboro Natural Arch (also known as “The Rockhouse”) is a historic archway to the Cumberland River and an Indian burial ground on the top. A rugged trail takes you down to the huge arch and guests can walk all the way to the Cumberland River (when the water levels are low).

Getting there is not difficult, but be warned, the gravel road down to the parking area is very potted. Some people just park at the top of the gravel road because they don’t like the potholes.

Once you get down to the parking area, it’s a very short walk over to the edge of the Natural Bridge. You will need to maneuver down a little rugged trail to get to the base of the arch. But once you get past that, you can just explore on your own. I have heard that there is a trail to the top of the arch, but we have not explored that yet.

Rock House Natural Arch


Rock House Natural Arch


When the water level is low, you can walk right over to the river and enjoy the view.




How to find the Rock House Natural Arch:

Highway 379 in Creelsboro
Jamestown, KY 42629
**About 25 minutes south of Jamestown, KY

Have you ever been to the Rock House Natural Arch in Russell County? Got any favorite memories of your favorite hike to a natural arch in Kentucky? I’d love to hear!

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