Ringling Bros Circus Experience

Update:  Ringling Bros Circus is no longer an opportunity for us to enjoy.  This is our experience from 2012.

Last night my kids got to experience the Ringling Brothers Fully Charged Circus in Lexington, KY. I had been to a circus as a small child but really didn’t remember much about it. This was the kid’s first experience. And the Ringling Bros Circus did not disappoint! It was an amazing show!

Ringling Bros Circus Experience

From the very beginning when the ringmaster began with the classic line “Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls of all ages – welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!“, there was a constant flow of laughs, oohs and ahs, cheering, clapping, amazement and awe! This was a treat!

There were elephants, tigers and horses, clowns, high wire artists, a strong man, jugglers, acrobats and rope climbers. There was even a human catapult who was lit on fire and shot across the floor.


Highlights and Thoughts

  • Live Band:  Did you know that there are live musicians playing at the circus?  That was a cool surprise.  The trumpet player  and keyboardist were great standouts.  There was even a clown that could jam on a guitar!  I was impressed.  The ringmaster led in a great song and dance routine several different times.  I didn’t expect to see such a musical show.

  • Multi-Cultural Performers:  The performers come from all around the world:  The featured comic duo from Russia,  performers from Argentina and Spain, Ukraine, Brazil, China  and more….

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