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Remote Control Vehicles are fun for many people. Last summer my family and I had the opportunity to see over one hundred remote control jets fly. It was an amazing performance!

My husband and son love flying their RC helicopter in the living room and occasionally in the yard. You can buy the small RC helicopters for about $25 or you can spend hundreds of dollars on larger vehicles. However much you decide to spend, make sure you do your research first.

Last winter, I saw a small vendor selling RC helicopters in the mall. So, I did what I always do – I came home and we started reading reviews to see which helicopter had the best reader rated reviews. We wanted to know which ones handled the best and which models lasted the longest when dropped.

You can go to Amazon.comand search for RC helicopter (or boat, submarine, plane….) and see what other customers think about the models they purchased.

For the high end models, many experts agree that you should join an RC Club and learn from a seasoned pro.

Find a local RC club near you here.

If you are interested in flying the high end RC planes and helicopters, here’s a great website with lots of information.

RC Fiascos

Remote Control Vehicles can be a ton of fun; but sometimes the fun turns around backward. One of my friends has had the unfortunate experience of finding out that RC helicopters don’t land well on concrete, submarines don’t always sink and speedboats can’t survive a 4 foot crash out of thee pool. You can read all about her remote control hobby experience. It’s quite the tale!

What about you? Have you ever flown a RC vehicle? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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