Reminder: Take Care of Yourself

As Moms, we are often the glue that holds the family schedules together. We know family appointments, what’s in the freezer for supper and keep up with laundry on a daily basis. We are pretty amazing! But maybe we need to hear a reminder to take care of ourselves. Here are some easy tips that we can do each day to keep us as Moms healthy, rested, and ready to tackle all of our responsibilities.

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Reminder: Take Care of Yourself

Start your Day with Something Hot

Some people love their cup of coffee first thing in the morning; others love hot tea. If you are a hot tea lover, then branch out a bit and try a new cup of loose leaf tea.

Tea is always a good idea, with a fresh and fruity flavors that are always in season! We all know drinking tea is good for your health, but it can be hard to know which types to try out. Since 1904, Mark T. Wendell has been synonymous with superior taste and coveted luxury tea blends. That promise started with the original owner, Mark Wendell, and it hasn’t changed in the past 50 years, with new generations carrying on the legacy. 

Mark T. Wendell

Fresh Vegetables

Nothing settles my brain and helps me refocus on what’s important more than time spent outside working in the garden or with the flowers. You can typically find me out in the garden at least once a day if not more often. This is the best place for me to reconnect with what matters and settle any stress that may be trying to work it’s way into my life.

Pamper your Skin

I love making homemade salves but I am still very early in my skills. We keep small tins of salves and creams around our house and in our car so we can keep our skin healthy but I can’t make enough salves to keep us in stock. That’s why I love finding other companies that are creating skin care products for the face and body.

Colorado Aromatics grows their herbs on a Certified Naturally Grown Farm near Long’s Peak at 5,000 feet elevation which encourages them to produce more active components. The herbs are extracted in a number of ways for use in the products. The beauty of the herbs and their surroundings shine through in the cosmetics and in the user.

Colorado Aromatics

Knuckle Balm is a soothing herbal balm to use for dry, cracked working hands. Great for gardeners, farmers, mechanics, rock climbers, and others who use their hands a lot.

Joint Jam is perfect for sore muscles, joints, tendons, etc. Infused oils of Comfrey and Arnica with menthol and a blend of essential oils to relieve pain – it even smells good!

Sole Pleasure Foot Butter is a very emollient balm for feet, especially heels. Contains rich shea butter and black seed oil as well as botanical extracts from mint, calendula, and comfrey. Great for summer sandal weather, but also great for athletes including barefoot runners and hikers.

Pick Fresh Flowers

One of my goals has been to have fresh flowers on my table all summer long. Whether it’s zinnias, sweet peas, black-eyed Susan, or calendula, fresh-cut flowers just make me smile.

There are so many ways to take care of yourself. Read a book. Exercise. Go for a walk. Turn off social media for the night. Cook something special. Stay hydrated. Read a new devotional book. Have some quiet time with God.

What are the special ways you take care of yourself? I’d love to hear!

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