Remelted Wax Coins for Gifts


Ever needed a special gift but didn’t have the budget to buy something unique? If you enjoy burning candles like I do, then you probably have a really easy option for a pretty cheap gift. Last summer I picked up a couple of these little candy trays for melting chocolate and making candy. I figured they would be perfect for this idea.

remelted wax coins

Remelted Wax Coins for Gifts

I took a candle that still had great smell, but was no longer pretty to burn on the counter. I melted the wax in a candle warmer that I had stored back in the closet.


Once the wax was melted, I poured it into the little plastic candy molds. This one I have is in the shape of coins. It is easy to tell when the wax is cooled and ready to take out of the molds because the color changes from the deep, shiny color to a lighter more matte finish.


To get the wax coins out of the plastic mold, just tap the edges with the back of your hand or pop them with a little twisty motion. Once they were cooled, they popped out easily.


These coins are small enough that I was able to fit a nice handful in a little canning jar. By adding a pretty little piece of twine, I could easily use this for a gift.


Now that I know how easy it is to remelt the candle wax and turn it into shapes, I want to start looking for more plastic molds at yard sales this summer!

How to Use these Wax Coins

These remelted wax coins can be placed in a candle warmer to give off the great fragrance instead of burning as a candle. You can buy these Candle Tart Warmers on Amazon, at your local store or even find them at yard sales.

Have you ever remelted candle wax and turned something old into a new gift? I’d love to hear!

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