Recycle Your Hobby Collections

Most people go through stages with their hobbies. Take a minute and think about your hobby journey so far. Maybe as a child you collected buttons, legos, or marbles. Maybe you went through a baseball card stage, stamps or postcards. Many adults who travel may collect spoons, thimbles or magnets. Some people go through stages where they decorate their kitchen in fruit, pigs, chickens, Coco Cola or Campbells Soup décor. But many of these hobby collections get old after a while and you might find that you are really done with that season and ready to try something new.Here’s some ideas to recycle your hobby collections and go a different direction.

Recycle Your Hobby Collections

I have found that when I get tired of one hobby or collection, I can recycle it and turn the space, money or time I devoted to the original hobby into something brand new.

As a result of a recent conversation with a friend, I realized that many of you are in the same place.

Sell but don’t Waste:

If you decide to clear out one hobby and make place for something new, feel free to sell the pieces of that hobby, but don’t waste the money you make. If you used to be a coin collector but have decided that it’s just not for you, then sell the coins on ebay or trade them in at your bank, pawn store or coin dealer. But don’t take the money and buy the family pizza. Instead, take that money and invest it in your new hobby interest.

If you have a collection of themed kitchen décor items, check on local Facebook yard sale groups, have a garage sale or sell it on ebay. Someone else may be ready to start decorating with that particular theme and you can benefit from the extra money.

Vintage items like postcards, marbles, older stamp collections or state thimbles may have monetary value to others who are collecting those items.

Check your doubles:

When I was collecting a particular kitchen décor item years ago, I ended up getting a piece of that theme from every family member for every holiday. I ended up with many doubles. I decided to sell off the double pieces so I could reinvest that money in other unique pieces. Most collections easily end up with duplicate items that you don’t need. Why not get something fresh with the extras?

Don’t overlook the Heirloom Value:

There are some collections that are big on memories, heirloom value and family heritage but they really don’t have any monetary value. Those are the classic collections that need to be shared with others who can appreciate them. If you inherited a collection that has family history, but you are just not thrilled to own it, then talk to other family members and pass it on. There’s no reason to clutter your house with something you don’t love if you can share it with someone who will appreciate it more.

If the collection is something you do love, then don’t hide it in the attic. Look around. Search Pinterest to find a creative way to display the hobby collection in your home. Or consider actually using the collection! There are some dishes that I have inherited from my grandmother that have no monetary value, but are a treasure to me. I love the fact that my family gets to use something special in my home that has such a family history.

What do you with collections that you have outgrown or gotten tired of? Do you store them in the attic or share them with someone who can enjoy them? Have you made money on old hobbies? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts!

This article was written by Sharon Williams (me) and published in the Accent section of the Advocate Messenger Daily Newspaper, Sunday January 13, 2013.

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