12 Ways to Recycle Trash & Create Treasures


Do you collect recyclable trash in a box in the garage? Before you haul it out to be recycled, better look twice. You might be amazed at what you can create using plastic lids, old tuna cans, burned up candles or empty frosting containers. Take a look at this fun list of 12 ways to recycle trash & create treasures! But consider yourself warned: upcycling trash into treasures can be addictive!

What you will you rescue out of the recycle bin co you can create something amazing? I can’t wait to hear what you are inspired to make next!


12 Ways to Recycle Trash & Create Treasures

Can you believe this simple plastic syrup bottle is standing beside a piece of beautiful pottery and it looks like it belongs?

I love the way this blogger took random bits of plastic to create this colorful windchime. I think this looks like a fun project for my kids!

What will you create next? I’d love to hear!

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