Ready for Spring Quilt Project – Tossed Nine Patch

Yesterday, I took action against the winter blues. I went to Walmart and purchased some fresh fabric that made me think of Spring. I looked for yellows, pinks, and purples – all the colors that I see in the early Spring flowers. One of the things that I also checked was the price of the fabric.

Take a look at how this Spring Quilt Project is going from idea to reality!

Ready for Spring Quilt Project – Tossed Nine Patch

I wanted to start this Spring Quilt Project on a budget. So I looked in the clearance section first. I found several prints that I liked on sale for $2.50 a yard. I decided a half a yard would be plenty. Then I looked for some contrasting solids and found several that were on sale for $2.00 a yard. By the time I made my selection, I spent a grand total of $4.83 for 4 pieces of fabric.

spring quilt fabric

I came home and cut out a plastic canvas pattern to use for my square. The plastic canvas works better for me than cardboard and helps me keep all the pieces the same size.

ready for spring quilt project

My Plan for this Spring Quilt

I typically do best on a quilt project if I work with squares. So I am planning to do this quilt as a Tossed Nine Patch. You can read the full instructions for the Tossed Nine Patch here. I’m not sure how large this quilt will end up being, but for now I’m just enjoying the colors and the different pattern ideas with my kids.

spring quilt cutting

I’m ready to get my sewing machine out tomorrow and made some nine patches before the kids get home, so we can start tossing them around to finalize our designs.

spring quilt ideas

What are you doing to add color to your life during these long cold winter days of February? I’d love to hear!

Ready to enjoy some more beautiful quilts? Take a look at the 2014 Online Quilt Show.

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