Raven Run Nature Preserve

I have lived near Lexington, Kentucky for about 13 years but just recently visited Raven Run Nature Preserve for the first time. This Preserve is only 15 minutes from the city and offers some amazing hikes, views and places to experience nature.

Raven Run Nature Preserve

Raven Run Nature Preserve may have been a secret to us, but not to many other Kentucky hikers. The parking lot was full; there were even cars parked in the grass. But even though there were plenty of other people on the trails, it didn’t feel crowded. The Preserve is large enough with plenty of trails to accommodate the many hikers out enjoying nature on a gorgeous summer day.

A beautiful Visitors Center sits at the end of a very short paved walking trail. There are restrooms available and a sign in log for all hikers.

Raven Run Visitors Center
Raven Run Visitors Center

Directions and Hours

The trails are very clearly marked and well-maintained over the entire park. Each trail is marked with a letter. At each trail division, you can choose whether you want to stay on the red trail or take the colored trail. The red trail is the longest hike at 4 miles, but the other color trails give you short cuts or other scenic views.

raven run trailmarker
rr 5
rr hiking

Highlights of the Hike

The Overlook is one of the prettiest views of the Kentucky River. It is a steep drop off, but the path is clearly marked.

rr overlook 3
rr overlook 2
raven run overlook
The Kentucky River Overlook

Water Views

All along the hike, you can enjoy the sounds of running water. It makes for a beautiful hike and some great photo opportunities.

Raven Run Nature
Raven Run Water Views

Make sure you take your camera. All along the trails, there are little bridges to cross and stone walls.

raven run nature preserve

This may have been our first time to hike at Raven Run Nature Preserve, but it will definitely not be our last. This is a beautiful place well worth the visit.


Take Richmond Road east (out of town) and turn right onto highway 25 (across from Jacobson Park). Go approximately 3 ½ miles to Jack’s Creek Pike and turn right (at Judy Ray’s Grocery Store). Go about 5 ½ miles on Jack’s Creek Pike and Raven Run is located on the left. A large chain-link fence and sign mark the entrance.

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