Celebrate Random Holidays with the Cricut Joy

Last week, I sent out my last two Christmas cards. Yes, that’s right. I mailed Christmas cards the last week of February. Why? Because I completely forgot to mail them in December and they already had a stamp on them. I didn’t want to waste the stamp and I still wanted to send seasons greetings to those two family members. Were they surprised? Definitely, and probably a little confused, but they got a laugh and a nice reminder that we care. That got me thinking about how much people love to receive real snail mail, so I decided to find some fun random holidays to celebrate. I pulled out the Cricut Joy and started creating some fun cards to celebrate random holidays!

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Celebrate Random Holidays with Cricut Joy

Sending cards for the Christmas season and birthdays is a great thing to do. But celebrating random holidays is so unexpected that I think it will be a fun surprise in the mailbox.

Creating cards with the Cricut Joy is super simple! I just bring it up to the kitchen counter and let it cut the cards while I get some work done on my laptop.


There are many fun days to celebrate in March but here are a few that caught my attention. These themes are super fun to create using the Cricut Joy and the premade card templates.

  • March 10 – Hug Your Dog Day
  • March 10 – Popcorn Lovers Day
  • March 12 – Plant a Flower Day
  • March 16 – Corn Dog Day
  • March 19 – Let’s Laugh Day
  • March 23 – Puppy Day
  • March 25 – Waffle Day
  • March 31 – Crayon Day


  • Choose the premade design in Cricut Joy from your phone.
  • Load the card in the cutting mat.
  • Switch the pen and cutting tool when the Joy prompts you to.
  • Cut contrasting cardstock paper from your scrap collection
  • Label, stamp and send

Sit back and wait for your friends to be surprised when they get a card that celebrates Corn Dog Day, Crayon Day or Plant a Flower Day.

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