Rabbit Hash General Store: Northern Kentucky

Recently when we were exploring the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, we saw a brown sign that pointed to Rabbit Hash General Store. I have heard about Rabbit Hash, but never visited. So, my family did what we usually do when we see those ‘brown signs’, we took an unplanned detour. Rabbit Hash General Store is a working general store that has been open since 1831. This was a step back in time and a slice of Americana.


Rabbit Hash Kentucky General Store

A few years ago, my Mom and Grandma took a day and traveled the Boone County Barn Quilt Trail in northern Kentucky. While they were out exploring, they stopped at Rabbit Hash and experienced the step back in time. Now it was our turn.

To get to the Rabbit Hash Community, you take a curvy two lane road through the country side down by the Ohio River with a beautiful view of the river boats and scenic Northern Kentucky.


Once you arrive at the wide spot in the road known as Rabbit Hash, you feel like you are truly stepping back into a mix of the past with some of the comforts of 2015.


Depending on when you visit, you may happen upon a local barn dance, a stopping spot for traveling bikers, families on road trips or just locals sitting on the porch drinking a bottle of Coke.

The people are friendly and not in a hurry. Take the time to talk a while and learn about the local history of the Rabbit Hash community.

The General Store is a mix of the old and the new. You can buy a drink and a snack, or pick up some local pieces of art and history from the many back rooms. Take your time. There’s lots to see in the Rabbit Hash General Store.


A working general store since 1831, the Rabbit Hash General Store is the heart of historic Rabbit Hash, a quaint little Northern Kentucky river-town whose fortunes literally have risen and fallen with the waters of the Ohio River

But don’t stop with just the General Store. There’s more to see in this little community.


You can stay in the local Hashienda, enjoy BBQ on the river or just get a great feel for life in Rabbit Hash.


And of course, if you need a restroom break while in Rabbit Hash, you’ve got the Outhouses!


My preteen daughter doesn’t have much experience with outhouses, so she had fun poking a little fun at the idea of an outhouse. But in reality, it was actually much better than most outhouses I’ve seen in my life.


Have you ever visited Rabbit Hash General Store in Northern Kentucky? I’d love to hear your favorite memory of following historic brown signs.

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  1. I love finding stores like these! We go to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky a couple of times a year so I will definitely add this to bucket list! Thanks for sharing!

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