Quilting Tip: Use plastic canvas

I know there are probably products you can buy to use as your template when you start cutting your fabric to make a quilt, but I don’t own those products…..and I’m not interested in spending money to buy something today.

So I grabbed a piece of plastic canvas out of my closet and cut it into my 8 inch square. Now I have a perfect pattern to trace on the backside of my fabric.

Quilting Tip: Use Plastic Canvas

And of course there is probably a special fabric pencil that professional quilters use to trace the pattern, but I’ve found that a pencil on the back of the fabric works great. (And the price is perfect – FREE)

I used to have this great rotary cutter that really made life easier, but it broke and I’ve never replaced it. So, I get to cut the fabric the old fashioned way – with a pair of scissors! Maybe I’ll be able to test out a rotary cutter from Fiskars one of these days!

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  1. Sand paper huh? I would never have thought of that one! Amazing what we will come up with when we need something and have to be creative! 🙂

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