Quilters Making a Difference

All around the world, there are quilters making a difference in people’s lives. Whether they are making quilts for cancer patients, nursing home residents, hospital NICU units, abused women or the military, quilters are piecing fabric and impacting lives.

Quilters Making a Difference

I recently had a reader mention that she and some friends have formed a group and made quilts to donate to some worthy causes. When I asked her to tell me about their efforts, her response was the normal response of regular people who are really making a difference: “What I’m doing isn’t really special. We don’t deserve special praise. We’re just doing what we love and giving it to those who need it. “

But I think quilters are special people. These quilters are making a difference in people’s lives by reminding people in difficult situations that there are people who care.

Pam shared a few links with the stories of quilt projects that she and her group have done.

Two Terrain Quilts
Triple Delight”
Breast Cancer Quilt
Emilees Star

Do you know someone using their hobbies to make a difference in people’s lives? I’d love to hear!

Thanks Pam for sharing your stories!


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  1. For all four of my babies, I have a baby quilt that I came from from the hospital with. It is a cherished item, even though I have no idea who made them. It is a wonderful gift that new moms do appreciate!

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