Quilt your wedding memories

A few weeks ago my Mom brought me a box and showed me something she has been working on but never finished. I had no idea she had even started this.

18 years ago, I got married in my parent’s backyard under some huge pecan trees beside a little creek. The birds were singing and the sun was shining. It was a gorgeous day! All of the bridesmaids wore dresses in this pink/green pattern. My Mom had some of the extra material left over so she has been cutting them into squares and beginning to piece together 9-Patch squares.

My dress was a brocade fabric. Since Mom made my wedding dress she also had extra material left over from the dress. The white brocade made great additions to the 9-Patch.

She also has her wedding veil stored from her wedding 42 years ago. She’s been saving it all these years and wants me to use parts of the veil as the connecting pieces and border.

Now I have inherited the started quilt pieces. All I have to do is finish what she started.

What a beautiful way to showcase the memories of my wedding in 1994 and my parents wedding in 1970!

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