6 Places to Find New Puzzles

Working puzzles is a great hobby that families of all ages can enjoy together because they come in so many skill levels. But if you aren’t careful, you can spend too much money on puzzles. Here are some tips to help you find new puzzles without spending a fortune.

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6 Places to Find New Puzzles

When our kids were toddlers, we started with the traditional chunky puzzles with the little handles. Then we moved to the 40 piece puzzles, giant floor size puzzles and now up to the 100 piece puzzles. My in-laws love working a 1000 piece puzzle on a snowy day and my sister-in-law has never met a puzzle hard enough to take more than a few hours.

Yard Sales

People often buy puzzles on a whim, then decide they don’t have the time to put them together. Or maybe they work them one time then decide they are done with them.

Thrift Stores

There are always boxes of puzzles in thrift stores. If you look carefully, you can sometimes find puzzles still shrink-wrapped. Sometimes the price is good enough to take a chance on all the pieces being in place. I actually asked permission at one Thrift Store to count the pieces of a kids puzzle to see if everything was there.

Family & Friends

If your family loves puzzles, then you can work out a swap/trade. If each member buys one puzzle then passes it around, everyone will get a ‘new to them’ puzzle throughout the course of the year. (Just make sure everyone remembers to keep all the pieces together!)

We have worked several Family Format puzzles from Springbok Puzzles that are designed for varying levels of ability. The borders are large pieces but as you work towards the center, the pieces become smaller. The Family Format puzzles make it fun for the entire family to work on a puzzle together!

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Use a Store Coupon

Hobby Lobby has a really nice selection of puzzles. They typically have a 40% coupon off any regular priced item. By using this coupon, you can purchase a brand new puzzle for almost half the price!

Christmas/Birthday Presents

When your family starts asking what you want for Christmas – don’t be shy! Just tell them you want a puzzle! Since most puzzles run under $20, chances are that someone will get you one!


Have you ever checked your local library? Some libraries have puzzles available for you to check out and take home for free.

Our family enjoys working puzzles and often leave one on the table during the winter months. No one can walk by without stopping to find a piece or two. This is a great place to hear about each other’s day or share a story and laugh together.

Do you enjoy puzzles? What’s the largest puzzle you’ve ever successfully completed? I’d love to hear!

Check out these tips to help you pick the perfect puzzle for your family!

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