Promotional Stress Bricks for Local High School

Have you ever thought about creating a promotional item like a personalized stress ball, cup or freebies to give away and promote your business? If you have never gone through the process of designing a promotional item you may be uncertain as to how the process works. Recently, our local high school started some pretty intensive renovations. We decided it would be fun to design a special brick to give to each of the staff and faculty as a way of saying thanks as they start a new school year. Designing a brick with Quality Logo Products was an easy process.

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Promotional Stress Bricks for the Local High School

The process of designing a custom brick started with an idea and a logo. I sent Quality logo Products our idea for the bricks. Even though the logo wasn’t a vector art image, they were able to take the basic clipart I sent and make it fit on to the print area. Confused about what type logo is best for these promotional items? Take a look at this video clip explaining what vector art is.


Once they received the logo, they sent me back 2 examples of how our brick would look once printed. I then gave them input and we decided on the final look for our bricks. I loved the fact that I could work with professionals who knew how to take our idea and turn it into a finished product.

Once we decided on our design, they started the order process. It only took about 2 weeks from the time our order was placed to receive the finished product.


These promotional bricks were not ordered for my kids. But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t enjoy them for a few hours. They made a perfect wall fortress for the kids LEGO army!


Starting the year off right

On opening day for the teachers at the local high school, the faculty and staff carefully navigated the construction crews and hard hat areas – ready to kick off a brand new year! Being able to give them each their own promotional stress brick is a great welcome back gift. Now when the teachers get ‘stressed’ with the renovations, they have a great stress brick to help.


Have you ever created a promotional item like this? Got any tips or stories to share? I’d love to hear!

“Hobbies on a Budget asked Quality Logo Products to help us with a donation for our local high school. QLP was kind enough to help out by donating the bricks and no monetary compensation was received in exchange for this post.”

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  1. Having recently completed a major office renovation ourselves, Quality Logo Products understands what kind of stress working in active construction zone can cause.

    When Hobbies on a Budget approached us about their idea -we were more than happy to help out.

    I think the bricks turned out awesome and thank you so much for the opportunity to help/contribute! It was a pleasure working with you Sharon.

    Who would have ever thought that these stress bricks could be used to defend against the “dark side”! 🙂

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