Being Productive in the Quiet Moments

I love the quiet times! Don’t get me wrong. I love to hear my chattering kids, the laughter when they’re playing, the screaming and yelling when they’re running around and wrestling. I love watching a good movie. I enjoy turning on the playlist and having music blaring while I’m cleaning or we’re just working on the house. But there’s nothing quite the same as those quiet moments when there’s nothing going on. The TV is off; the music is unplugged, everyone’s asleep or out doing their own activities and the house and my environment is quiet. Those quiet moments are when I am the most productive and when I get the most accomplished.


Being Productive in the Quiet Moments

My brain goes into creative writing mode in the quiet times. In those quiet moments of life I am the most productive.

Do you enjoy the quiet or are you one of those people that have something going at all times? The loud moments of life may be when the fun is happening, but it’s the quiet time that I sometimes need. Between raising three children, juggling a full-time job, doing home renovations and spending time with the family, there’s not a lot of quiet moments but when they come, that’s when I get things done!

How to Create Quiet Moments

We all have opportunities to find quiet moments, but sometime we get so busy that we miss them. Take a minute to think about these questions and look at your answers?

Check your Television

Do you have the TV on from the moment you wake up? It’s amazing what I can get done when I just turn off the TV. Some people leave it on 24/7. By turning it off, you will immediately find that everything in your house changes. Even when my kids were little and we were home together all day, we didn’t use TV all the time. I will admit that sometimes a movie is a lifesaver when you’re home with toddlers. It gives you a few minutes of sanity so you can actually go to the restroom or do laundry. But look at the rest of your day. Do you rely on the TV to be background noise?

Use your car time wisely

If you spend time driving back and forth dropping off kids or playing the role of taxi cab momma, you have some great options for quiet time! Sometimes I’ll just drive with no radio, phone calls or ipod playing – just quiet time where I can think and plan.

car leaves fall

Don’t forget your exercise time

Most kids have no interest in walking on a treadmill or going on a long walk/run in the neighborhood. Put fitness on your schedule and you will instantly get some alone time. I often get my work done while I’m on my daily walks or on the treadmill. I get inspired by the things I see and talk into my free app on the phone.

Skip 30 minutes of sleep

I love to work in the quiet, but on busy days it’s hard to find. Sometimes I will get the family to bed and then stay up for an extra 30 minutes just so I can get some work done. True, I lose a little sleep, but it seems to work out the best for me.

How do you find quiet moments so you can get stuff done? I’d love to hear your tips and ideas!

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