How well do you know our Presidents?

Can you name all the presidents of the United States? OK, let’s make it easier, Can you tell me how many presidents we have had? So you need it even easier? Who is our current president? We are working to teach our kids all about our great nation by visiting historic sites. Here are 6 pictures and questions to check your presidential knowledge. Let me know in the comments how you do!


1. Which president was born in this house?


2. Which state was James Buchanan born in?


3. Which president was a subariner in the Navy?

Presidents: A Submarine Experience
A Submarine Experience

4. How old was Abraham Lincoln when he died?

And how would we know that by visiting his birthplace?

Presidents: Abraham-lincoln-cabin

5. Which President called this building home/headquarters at one point?


6. Which 2 future Presidents signed a famous document in this building?


How did you do? Did you click the picture to get your answer? Have you visited any places with presidential significance? I’d love to hear!

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