Presidential Hobbies

Being President of the United States could arguably be considered one of the busiest, most stressful jobs in the world. But throughout history, even Presidents have found time to pursue their hobbies. I have been doing some checking and it seems that most of our US Presidents have made it a priority to spend time on their hobbies.

Presidents and their hobbies

George Washington: outdoor activities such as fishing and riding horses.

Thomas Jefferson: playing the violin, and outdoor activities

John Adams relaxed through exercise, by swimming every morning.

Abraham Lincoln: enjoyed “townball,” an early form of baseball.

President Ulysses Grant enjoyed racing his horse around the area, as well as playing billiards.

President Chester Arthur was a well-known avid fisherman.

Teddy Roosevelt enjoyed jujitsu, wrestling, boxing and tennis, horse riding, shooting, and of course, walking.

William Taft enoyed the sport of golf.*

Jimmy Carter enjoys woodworking, winemaking, oil painting and working with Habitat for Humanity

George H Bush enjoys skydiving.

George W Bush – loves to ride bikes (Still does alot of work with Wounded Warriors)

Bill Clinton – loves to play the saxophone

Barack Obama – enjoys a good game of basketball

If the President knows the importance of pursuing a hobby, seems like maybe we should follow their examples.


***Sources quoted by printed permission on the site: Hobbies of the US Presidents

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