Presidential Campaign Buttons

Campaign Buttons are a popular way for people to capture a moment of political history and connect with the past. They have been around since the very beginning of Amercian elected government. Presidential Campaign Buttons usually cost less than $5, making them a financially accessible collection for anyone.

Presidential Campaign Buttons

From Wikipedia :

A campaign button is used in the United States during an election as political advertising for (or against) a candidate or political party, or to proclaim the issues that are part of the political platform. Political buttons date as far back as President George Washington. They have taken many forms as the technology to create an image and mass production has allowed. In the late 18th and first half of the 19th century they were sewn-on clothing buttons, whereas the modern forms typically have pins on the back and are therefore also called pin-back buttons.
Campaign buttons bear some similarity to bumper stickers, which are also used for political and other promotional messages. As a novelty item, campaign buttons are part of the hobby of collecting.

Even now, presdidential campaigns still offer the campaign buttons:

Campaign Gifts and Resources

Campaign Button Puzzle

Here’s a jigsaw puzzle with a collage of presidential campaign buttons and pins. What a fun idea for the political junkie on your Christmas list. If politics is on your next family get-together no-talk list, you could always introduce something like this to defuse some heated discussions.

Warman’s Political Collectibles: Identification and Price Guide (Warmans)

Today, collecting campaign memorabilia is much more involved than election buttons; although buttons remain a top contender. Inside this thoroughly illustrated color price guide and identification reference, you will discover history about the tools used in political jostling of the past, including local, state and presidential races. Among the collectible items you’ll find are: buttons, bumper stickers, posters, letters, magazines, invitations, coins, yard signs, flashers, medals, photos and more.

Some impressive collections

Oakhurst, NJ
Winners and Losers

Hobbies on a Budget in no way endorses or supports either candidate.  We do however, strongly believe in the responsibility to exercise our God-given right to vote and make our voice heard on Election Day, 2012.

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