6 Things I’m Doing NOW to Prepare for Spring Gardening

It may be the first week of January, but I’m already actively planning for spring gardening! There are lots of things I can do right now to keep my hands occupied, my brain dreaming and get things ready for planting season. Here are 6 things I’m doing right NOW so I’ll be ready when it’s warm enough to start the full-time gardening for the year!

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6 Things I’m Doing NOW to Prepare for Spring Gardening


Winter can be a bit dreary when there is no snow and it’s just one cold day after another. So I am already dreaming of what I will have blooming in just a few months! Now’s the perfect time to look through my seed stash and dream about new gardens and blooms!


I’m spending time working out what is going to be planted in new and existing beds.

  • What variety of wildflowers will grow best in the side garden?
  • Do I need to move the rosebush away from the house?
  • Should I move the hostas to the back flower bed instead of out front?
  • Where do I want more monkeygrass since I have a huge overgrown mass in the front bed?


I’m reading books, magazines, and blog posts to learn about the best practices for starting new wildflower beds. I’ve been learning about new ways to save and preserve seeds. Cold, dreary nights are the perfect time to spend diving into gardening books to learn new methods and get ideas to become better at growing vegetables and flowers.

Right now, I’m reading the Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening.

Gardening Know How – The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening is here to answer your every veggie-growing question, from asparagus planting to zucchini pest control—and everything in between. Detailed plant profiles offer specific cultivation information and unique growing tips for each vegetable crop, allowing you to pick and choose which crops to grow based on your climate and personal preference.


I’m trying new things while I have some time so if I don’t succeed, I still have time to try again. I’ve started some seeds in Jiffy Pellets and some have already started germinating.

Cleaning & Organizing Supplies

Now is the best time to get my tools ready for spring. I have been looking at my gardening tools to make sure they are oiled up and rust-free. Now’s the time to make sure all my garden gloves have matches and are ready for a new season.


I’m buying a few things as I go along so I’ll be ready for the actual growing season. Recently I picked up a new watering can, a spray mister and seed pellet starter tray. I know that I can’t afford to buy all the supplies at one time, so a little something each month is the way to go.

Are you ready for Spring planting? What are you doing now to get ready for the warmer weather? Before we know it, we’ll be out in the gardens every day enjoying all the blooms and fruit of our hard work!

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