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Popular Personalities and their Hobbies

I am always fascinated by other people’s hobbies. Last year I started emailing, calling and asking everyone I know to share their favorite hobbies. I started a list of what I am finding! Of course, I would love to find out more about popular personalities and their hobbies. If you know someone or have a contact, I would consider it a great surprise to get an email from other popular personalities telling me what they enjoy doing for fun!

Did you see the article I posted recently where the men and women of The Five shared their hobbies?

Popular Personalities and their Hobbies

Email Confirmation of Hobbies:

Govenor of Kentucky  -Steve Beshear:
I called the Governor’s office and asked. They told me the Governor loves to golf and read. 4/19/12

I got another email from the Governor’s office:
Thank you for your inquiry to the Governor’s Communications Office regarding your website. In his free time, Gov. Steve Beshear enjoys reading, especially to his grandchildren. 5/9/12

Phone Interviews

kathi lipp 2Kathi Lipp
Last year I got to talk to Kathi. Read all about Kathi’s hobbies!

In Person Interviews

jake 1Jake Ison
Animal Planet – Call of the Wildman; I got to spend some time talking with Jake. His hobbies are anything outdoors – archery, camping, hunting, fishing

Too Busy to Respond

I have sent out tons of emails over the past year and a half just asking popular personalities what their hobbies are. I did get 2 responses from the publishers that the individuals are too busy to respond to my request. I’m not asking for the moon! I just want an email from an official contact telling me what people enjoy doing for fun!

George Lucas
Emailed and got a response from his publicist that he was too busy with too many requests to respond. 4/19/12
Stephen Spielberg
Thank you for your e-mail. While we appreciate your request, unfortunately it won’t be possible for Steven to participate due to the many current demands on his calendar. We have had to cut back on many other requests, – even for our DreamWorks Studios films and for his philanthropic activities due to his busy schedule. His travel also complicates the schedule further. We hope you understand. Thank you again and we wish you all the best. 4/24/12

what do you do for fun

Share Your Hobby

So who would you like to talk to and ask them the all important question: “What do you do for FUN?” Do you have an answer ready? If you meet me in person, be ready with an answer – because I’ll probably ask!

Picture taken from WUKY.org

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  1. I would love to ask all sorts of foreign leaders what they do for fun. It would be interesting to learn about the non-political side of their lives.

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