Popcorn Tin Lego Storage Bucket

Do you have any of those metal popcorn tins leftover from Christmas? What do you do with them once the popcorn is gone? For my kids, it was an easy idea to turn the can into a lego figure head. We picked up a can of bright Yellow Rustoleum Spray Paint, waited for a sunny day and created this Popcorn Tin Lego Storage Bucket.

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popcorn can with toys

Popcorn Tin Lego Storage Bucket

I wasn’t sure if the paint would stick to the metal can, but this rustoleum paint seems to be working great. We painted the can and top outside in the sunshine.

popcorn tin lego man

I also painted two other cans green and blue. These would work well for trash cans or storage containers.

popcorn tin lego man

We decided to add eyes and a smile with black paint. The paint tried to run a little bit, but we think it turned out kind of fun. Perfect for storing all the lego mini figures and special pieces.

popcorn tin lego man

What do you think? What do you do with old popcorn tins? Ever created something with them? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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