Plastic Craft Tips

I don’t consider myself an expert at plastic craft, but I do learn things pretty quickly as I go along. And if it doesn’t work the first time, I try to figure out a way to make it work better the next time. The actual process of sewing the stiches on the plastic mesh is not too difficult. The hard part for me is figuring out the needles to use and then cutting out the pattern. Here’s a few plastic canvas tips that work for me.

Plastic Craft Tips

  • I use a black sharpie marker to trace my pattern on the plastic.
  • Then I use the scissors to trim out the shape.
  • I try to have a whole pile of shapes cut out and ready to go in an envelope before I go on a trip. (That way I don’t have the mess of little plastic pieces and scraps all over my car or lap.)

This is the perfect craft for me to do in the car on a trip because the holes are larger and easier to see in a moving car than traditional needlework and the projects don’t take as long. I am able to knock out several magnets in a road trip. Since these make great little gifts to stick in a notecard and drop in the mail, I want to have a lot made and ready to go.

The large 5 count mesh sheets work best for young children. Since the holes are larger and the needles are blunter, this is a great place to begin teaching kids how to make stitches.

Online Free Resources

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